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"Living Fences" is a locally owned and operated company in Marietta, Georgia USA specializing in the installation of living privacy screens.

We offer a variety of evergreen trees ranging in size from 6 feet tall to instant privacy screens as tall as 15 feet.

Why "Do-It Yourself" when our experienced crews can deliver and install your living privacy screen for often the same price you would pay at the local garden center or


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Leyland Cypress 30 gallon
Every landscape and every yard is different. Your existing landscape and plant material influences your choices. Also, sunlight, soil and moisture conditions including the path of the sun in relation to your placement of trees affects the variety of trees we recommend and the surrounding trees and plants in the landscape will compete for sun and water with your living fence. There may be several options or few depending on these and other factors. At no charge, Living Fences, Inc. will send an experienced professional to your home or property to inspect and recommend the right plant material for your needs. We will work with your design ideas and your budget to make sure you are satisfied with any proposal we recommend.
Leyland Cypress 30 gallon
Trees like all plants, need water and good nutrition to thrive. Living Fences, Inc. installs trees that are generally at least 5 feet tall at time of install and newly planted trees need supplemental water to survive. Depending on the time of year of install, your trees will need water twice or three times per week to ensure a healthy start in their new home during the first few months. Living Fences, Inc. will provide you with recommendations for a watering schedule at time of install.
Leyland Cypress 30 gallon
Trees generally do not need fertilizer. Newly planted trees need to set healthy roots before they add lots of new green growth so initial fertilization is not necessary, although newly installed trees may benefit from root stimulating fertilizers. Living Fences, Inc. installs #1 grade healthy trees so good watering with properly drained soil is generally all that is needed. If you wish to fertilize, opinions in the horticultural world differ, but generally evergreen trees can be fertilized with special evergreen fertilizers so follow the directions provided with the product.
Leyland Cypress 30 gallon
Living Fences, Inc. endeavors to make sure the trees we plant are the freshest possible material. We keep a low stock of trees at our holding yard to ensure freshness and we receive shipments weekly directly from our farms. Nothing has been sitting on our lot for weeks or months like your local retail suppliers. Smaller trees are container grown and Larger trees are generally balled and burlaped so they are freshly dug after your order. Depending on size and availability of your selection, trees are in the ground as soon as possible. Usually, from one day to two weeks. Living Fences will schedule your install when we prepare your proposal and we work hard to stick with your install date.
Leyland Cypress 30 gallon
All plants we recommend have their growth rates posted in our options section. Trees will grow at different rates depending on water, soil and sunlight conditions so growth rates and results will be different in every instance. As an example only, the photograph below was taken on June 1, 2006. This is a row of Leyland Cypress trees that we planted in October 2003. These trees were our 5 foot to 6 foot fifteen gallon trees at the time of install. They were planted on 8 foot centers in direct sun with a drip irrigation system to ensure good watering. As you can see, these trees are now approximately 15 feet tall! Remember all growth rates will differ depending on circumstances but the Leyland Cypress will grow extremely fast under the right conditions.
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